Bryan Mattias, 7th Dan, is vice president of IKD. He is jokingly referred to as Master Woon-A-Tai’s bodyguard as he stands over six feet, six inches tall. Bryan is married to Carmen, 5th Dan and their two children are Valery, 2nd Dan, and Alex, 1st Dan.

Sensei Mattias is a graduate of the IKD Instructor programme and has been training for over 38 years, 22 of which was spent as a member of the famous Quebec karate team.

He began training in 1974 at age 14; he was shy, timid, tall and skinny. The speed and focus of his sensei was what captivated him and to this day, he has never deviated from the path of karate. Bryan started teaching at College Montmorency at 18 and has been teaching there since then, six days a week for 35 years. Today, he has over 200 students from 4 to 70 years old, ranging from 9th kyu to Rokudan (6th Dan).

Sensei Bryan has had the chance to train, not only with many of the best Shotokan karate instructors from around the world, but also many great instructors from many different styles. He is a regional director and member of the technical committee of the AKJQ, the Quebec karate association and acts as master Woon-A-Tai’s translator and demonstrator whenever he teaches in Quebec. He is also one of master Woon-A-Tai’s trusted advisors and a giant of a man with a great sense of humour and family values. In 2011, Bryan, and 80% of Quebec members joined forces with master Woon-A-Tai to form IKD.

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