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Dan requirements of IKD Karate Manitoba

Requirements for Dan Testing

  • Must have attended the last four Seminars (a Camp may count as a Seminar)
  • Must have permission of their Sensei
  • Must have fighting gloves and mouthpiece
  • Two (2) Dan Registration forms, must be typed and signed by student (regardless of age) (see below)
  • Two (2) passport pictures
  • Dan registration fee - (see fee schedule)
  • Dan testing fee - (see fee schedule )
  • Seminar fee (see fee schedule)
  • Rank record (testing sheet supplied by your Sensei)
  • It is mandatory to take the Seminar before examination

Dan Registration Form
      MS Word ( Doc)
      PDF complete online & print (pdf)
(Note: Printing the pdf from your browser window may not work correctly, try saving the pdf form then opening in Adobe Reader)

Dan Testing Fee Schedule (pdf)


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IKD Kyu and Dan Examination Syllabus online

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