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Shizentai - Natural Stances
Kihon - Basic Stances

Heisoku dachi
(Feet and toes together)

Zenkutsu dachi (Front Stance)

Musubi dachi
(Heels together, toes at 45 degrees)

Kokutsu dachi (Back Stance)

Heiki dachi
(Feet shoulder width and straight)

Kiba dachi (Side Stance)

Hachiji dachi
(Feet shoulder Width and pointed out)

Shiho dachi (Square Stance)

Uchi hachiji dachi
(Feet shoulder width and pointed in)

Neko ashi dachi (Cat Stance)

Renoji dachi
(L-Angled stance)  

Fudo dachi  (Rooted Stance)

Teiji dachi 
(T-Angled stance)

Sanchin dachi (Hour-Glass Stance)

Kosa dachi(Hooked Leg Stance)

Sagi ashi dachi (One Leg Stance)



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